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The hosting company can consult you during the selection of your server and give you the advice you need.

Rent or buy a dedicated server?

You can either rent or buy a server at web hostin company that offer dicicated server solutions..
Dedicated servers are appropriate for demanding applications and web hosting at the highest level to function unconditionally and without compromise. The highest security is guaranteed.

The company takes care of the dedicated server, and ensures uninterrupted access 24 hours / 365 days a year.
The dedicated servers are located in high-end data centers.
A dedicated server is a single computer dedicated for serving the specific needs, for example to manage communications between other computers or to manages printer resources etc. A dedicated server has only one specific function.
In the Web hosting the dedicated server is usually a rented service sometimes the company even buy the whole server and sofware.
For demanding consistent performance, high security and specific compliance requirements, the best choice is a dedicated server.
With dedicated server customer can customize his server, network and storage, there is high security and control, high realibility and predictable RAM, CPU for applications he runs.